Recitals Are Fun!

The Boulder Drum Studio holds music recitals twice a year for those who wish to show off their talents. Participation in these recitals is always optional.

It is a fun time for all to see the students express their musical ability, gained as a result of all their hard work in the school and at home.  Each recital group runs about 45 minutes, during which time the students play games for prizes, perform for the audience and then receive well deserved achievement awards.  Refreshments are always served and video taping is encouraged.

Live Streaming Broadcasts

For those people who cannot attend the recital, the studio offers the ability to stream the recital live over the Internet using several microphones and cameras.  A private link to the live stream is provided within our website for those who wish to view the recital.

Next Student Recital

To be announced

Please contact Larry for more information.


Larry, I can't tell you how proud of her we are. She did so good and it was so incredible to see her go from knowing very little to playing by herself in front of all those people!! I am so happy we found you and I am so happy she likes to play the drums and has something to work hard for and feel proud of!! Just wanted you to know this! Thanks.
Janina Futral

We have to tell you that yesterday's drum recital was so awesome! It was a fabulous showcase, so full of talent and soul. You are a very gifted, inspiring teacher. We feel blessed to have found you! We were cracking up with his intro and totally surprised! What a ham! Jesse told us that you guys had that planned for over a month! You have quite a group of talented kids, and I am sure we only saw a fraction of them. So thank you for the sticks, the shirt and the free drum lesson was beyond generous! So many thanks from all of us!
Gea Franklin

Thanks Larry! As usual, you put on a super special, memorable and fantastic event. So thoughtful and inspiring. It is truly amazing to see the development and growth of our kid's drumming over the years. A lifetime of precious memories to move into the future with!
Beth Simpson

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