Sponsorship Payment Options

Mail your tuition payment to:

Boulder Drum Studio
1320 Pearl Street Suite 107
Boulder, CO 80302


Pay with a credit card (See "Program Rates" to the right)


Drop off your payment to the studio at any time

If the studio is open, you can slip a payment in one of our security envelops and place it on the desk. If the studio is closed, the security envelops are outside the door to the studio. Slip the payment through the mail slot.

The 1320 building is open from 7am - 7pm every day except Sunday. To gain access to the building after hours or on Sunday, just dial "008" on the phone keypad to the right of the glass doors and the system will grant you access to the building.

Note: For new students, tuition must be submitted at least three days prior to starting a program. The student is considered enrolled for a program only after the sponsor tuition and student registration form have been received.

For renewals, an invoice will be sent to the sponsor via e-mail near the end of the current six week lesson program. The tuition must be submitted by the last lesson of each program to ensure the student's slot for the next program.

Please contact the studio if you need more information.

Sponsorship Program Rates

You will find the Boulder Drum Studio's rates to be quite competitive with those of other local schools. You can choose between several different lesson programs, and we also offer personalized gift certificates.

6 weeks - "half hour" private lessons
Tuition fee - $ 195.00
Credit Card Payment

6 weeks - "hour" private lessons
Tuition fee - $ 390.00
Credit Card Payment

Call for more information
Boulder Drum Studio - Boulder, CO
Boulder Drum Studio
1320 Pearl Street, #107
Boulder, CO 80302

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