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Larry teaches my daughter Jasmine drums, and she has rapidly progressed from knowing nothing about the instrument to playing along with songs convincingly, in time. I'm a musician myself, and it delights me to see Jasmine's enthusiasm... she practices every day with no prompting from me. She also always mentions funny things that Larry says. They seem to have great rapport. I credit Larry for being an awesome, highly experienced, fun, nice and inspiring teacher.

My 13-year-old daughter has been taking drum lessons with Larry Bennett for about half a year now. The experience has been amazingly positive for her. In fact, three months into her lessons, she asked to increase her weekly lesson time from half an hour, to a full hour. Just recently, she requested to increase her lesson time by another half-hour, to an hour and a half per week. Obviously she not only feels incredibly comfortable with, but inspired by, Larry and his teaching methods. Larry has gone above and beyond his role as teacher, by sponsoring my daughter in a special drumming project for her school, and communicating regularly on her progress with her middle school homeroom teacher. Last but by no means least, Larry is most cordial as well as very responsive to parents' questions and concerns. I would recommend Larry unconditionally to any adult or child wishing to study with him. --- Barbara Andrews, Boulder parent.

I can highly recommend Larry's teaching abilities without reservation. My son walked in with no knowledge and even a failed attempt with other teachers. Somehow in a very short time, after the very first lesson Larry gave Daniel just the right amount of encouragement, direction and know how to have him practicing and really sounding good. For a student with no musical background and a slight interest Daniel has improved and enjoyed his lessons from day one. I am delighted to endorse this schools professional quality...Sincerely, the Mom

I wanted to write you to tell you what an incredible job you're doing with Alex. He is having such a great time and truly enjoys his lessons with you. Even though I don't know a whole lot about music, I can tell his playing's improved! You've been able to connect with him in a way we haven't seen before and it's truly affecting Alex in a positive way. We can't thank you enough. Keep up the great work!! Thanks, Monica and David

Larry, in the short time I took lessons with you, I really learned a lot and enjoyed focusing on the fundamentals of which I had always pushed aside before. In addition, I think you are a super guy and it's been great becoming friends. Ben Phillips

I'm about 80% finished with our bands first CD and I want to send you a copy. Also special thanks for helping me realize one of my greatest dreams. Thank you! Our band is doing great and people are loving our music. We have been able to book 8 gigs in the next 6-weeks without so much as a phone call. We are enjoying a great reputation. Larry, I know you are a pretty humble guy but, I absolutely would not be in this wonderful position without you. Thanks again. David Wright

Since Dustin began taking weekly drum lessons in Nov. 2005, his skills have progressed quickly. Larry Bennett obviously has a great deal of experience teaching music to younger students, and my 9 year-old son really enjoys his lessons. Larry has just the right blend of drum expertise, sensitivity, patience, humor, and even silliness to engage my child week after week in a way that makes him feel respected and able to complete each lesson with talent and skill. Our experience with Larry has been a delight! Thanks! Denise

My son Matthew has been taking drum lessons from Larry Bennett for the past 6 years. During the course of our introductory meeting, I laid out what I wanted Matthew's drum education to encompass. The primary quality I emphasized at that time was BALANCE. I wanted Matthew to have a strong fundamental percussion education (be able to read music) but I also wanted Larry to develop Matthew's ear training. I also wanted a balance between technical training and songs that Matthew wanted to play, in order to keep his interest high. Matthew has an interest in many musical styles, ie rock, country and jazz, and I expressed a desire to have his drum instruction account for his varied interests. Larry has done an excellent job of achieving these goals. Matthew has won several drum competitions thanks in large part to Larry's guidance. Larry has also developed a very relaxed relationship with Matthew and has created an atmosphere in which Matthew looks forward to each lesson. Without reservation I would recommend Larry Bennett as a drum teacher. Thank you.

My eight-year-old son, Cameron, has been taking drum lessons from Larry Bennett for six years. I would recommend Larry as a drum teacher without any hesitation. I have been in the music business for most of my life and am a former teacher, so I have rather high standards and expectations in this area. My husband and I are very pleased with Larry's teaching methods, ability and professionalism. He is always prompt, well-prepared and energetic. Larry makes the lessons challenging and introduces enough variety to keep a young child interested. We like the fact that he mixes traditional music theory with contemporary styles; we feel that Cameron already has a solid background that will help him in whatever musical path he chooses in the future, thanks to Larry's instruction. Over the course of the past year, Cameron has not only made remarkable progress in his drum-playing, but he has also developed tremendous respect for Larry as a mentor and friend. Sincerely, Susan M Gallion - OCEANBIRD MUSIC AN ASCAP PUBLISHING COMPANY

In my opinion, Larry Bennett is a wonderful teacher. I really admire his ability to communicate rhythmic ideas to my young son, Martin, in a way that is easily understood. Martin loves to practice his drums at home and always gets excited when he knows he is getting a lesson.

Larry Bennett is more than just a great drum teacher…he is a good friend. Often times he will call my house just to make sure that my daughter Ann understood her previous drum lesson. We are often times late to his school, yet Larry always takes the time to give Ann her full hour. We really appreciate that! Larry is just as much a blessing as he is talented.

My son Jesse has been taking drum lessons from Larry Bennett for about 3 years now. In that time, Jesse has improved dramatically. Larry's interesting mix of incorporating humor and seriousness into the lesson certainly enhances the learning environment; I'm very impressed! I'm looking forward to having Jesse continue his musical studies with Larry. I would recommend him as a drum teacher to anyone who is serious about taking drum lessons.

Larry, I had a great time leaning from you. As I mentioned before, I think you are an excellent teacher. I leaned so much in the past 6 weeks and am very pleased with the results. James also thinks I've made a great improvement, and that's a real good thing since he has to listen to my playing all the time! With my coordination skills, drumming is often very challenging. But, it's been so much fun, and I think I owe that to your good teaching technique of combining enough fun and challenge in each practice. Thanks again, Noriko.

I wanted to let you know that Jimmy has been accepted as a bass player in Spirit of JSU's drum corp. He will travel all summer competing against other Drum Corp International programs. He loved marching in the snare line w/Kennesaw Mountain High School this fall (they came in 4th in the country)... He is now involved in wind ensemble, jazz band, percussion ensemble and he's also taking set lesson through the conservatory at the high school. Thanks again for all you have done for him. He would not be where he is right now without your expertise and dedication. Please keep in touch w/us. Take Care, Cindy O'Neill.

Hey Larry - Eric here. You used to teach me drumset back in Georgia, all the way back to Mars Music and your school. I just wanted to shoot a message to you saying thanks for the music instruction all those years ago. I just graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor's of Music in Composition. All the best, - Eric

You are a treasure and a big part of our family for all time! All of the recitals, music and great tunes are something we will always hold in our hearts and souls and minds with tremendous value. You are a wonderful, amazing teacher and helped Jesse on his path in so many ways! Many days he would come to drums with you, after a rough day, and just be walking on air afterwards. You taught him so much and added to our lives greatly, truly.

Recital Comments

We have to tell you that yesterday's drum recital was so awesome! It was a fabulous showcase, so full of talent and soul. You are a very gifted, inspiring teacher. We feel blessed to have found you! We were cracking up with his intro and totally surprised! What a ham! Jesse told us that you guys had that planned for over a month! You have quite a group of talented kids, and I am sure we only saw a fraction of them. After all of the really intense gymnastics meets we go to for Jesse it was a real treat to have a relaxed, really fun event. Scott and I felt like we could have been there for hours enjoying the music. You are also extremely generous to give the kids so many extras! We really appreciate your gifts - Jesse was beyond psyched. So thank you for the sticks, the shirt (he is wearing so proudly today at his 8 hour gymnastics camp) and the free drum lesson was beyond generous! So many thanks from all of us!

We had a blast! Great recital!!! It's so much fun for Charlie to have a teacher who very obviously loves what he does and passes along that enthusiasm to the kids.

What wonderful recital performances. We all had a fantastic time. Loved the students, gifts and atmosphere. Your new school has great energy and we wish you the best. See you next week!

We were so impressed by your students and by your appreciation of them and us! It was a privilege to be the chocolate lollipop lady.

Wow, what a great time we all had. I had to drag my older son to the recital, but after the first group he was then ecstatic that he came. You certainly know how to turn a typical recital into a smashing time. You are such a great teacher (and showman) and I'm glad it rubs off on him. Your new drum school is a hit, and thanks so much for the gift bag.

I had a great time yesterday. I enjoyed listening to the drummers. Thanks for inviting us and thanks for the photo.

Awesome show btw.

Larry, I can't tell you how proud of her we are. She did so good and it was so incredible to see her go from knowing very little to playing by herself in front of all those people!! I am so happy we found you and I am so happy she likes to play the drums and has something to work hard for and feel proud of!! Just wanted you to know this! Thanks.

Thank you, Larry! It was a great recital. We all really enjoyed it!

Larry, thank YOU so much for the creative recital. I really enjoyed the music and the trivia about the Beatles. It was interesting to see a focus on the drummer in the Beatles (poor Ringo—he doesn’t always get as much attention as the others!). Thanks again.

The student that thank you expressed what we all feel about you – you make learning fun and we all appreciate what you do! He was fantastic!

Thanks Larry! As usual, you put on a super special, memorable and fantastic event. So thoughtful and inspiring. It is truly amazing to see the development and growth of our kid's drumming over the years. A lifetime of precious memories to move into the future with!

I wanted to thank YOU for putting this up, as always with lots of enthusiasm and imagination !!! It was a pleasure and Yannick was very happy to have performed in front of such a great audience.

First off, great job on the recital. It shows how much work you put into it. And more so, it's great to see what the other students have been working on.

Thanks to YOU !!! You always put on the best recitals. We are so happy that Charlie has found a mentor in you and that he still loves music after so many years. Peace and love to you, too!

We really appreciated all the work you put into making these recitals so memorable. You do a great job with the kids and they give you their best in return. We had a great, groovy time. Thank you for all of the hard work!

The recital was da bomb! We had so much fun and I was so proud of my boys -- father and son -- rockin' it out. We are so grateful to you, Larry. You are a very special teacher, and an overall great guy. Thank you for everything.

Many thanks to you! Today's recital was great. I had so much fun. I know you worked really hard to put it together. Thanks for the amazing poster! I have the perfect spot to hang it in my drum/knitting room :-) It was great to see all the ladies again and watch them play. Wow, were they terrific!

I have worked in education for 25 years and have been to endless performances, recitals, plays, athletic events, competitions, etc. I had more fun on Saturday than at any other event!!! I truly appreciate how intentional you are with each and every detail. I love the small, intimate setting that allows us to really experience each student. I love that you have them tell jokes on stage to help them relax before performing. The time, effort, and passion you put in to your craft is evident and I'm so glad that he gets to learn from you. What a gift!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are amazing!

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