Help to Sponsor a Low Income Student

Sponsoring a drum student from a low-income family allows you to truly change not only the life of a student, but also that of his/her family. Musicianship will forever inspire and enrich our lives, and it’s our goal to fund as many students as we can.

But we can’t do it alone. The Boulder Drum Studio relies on donations from supporters like you who see the value in making dreams come true for those who wish they could play an instrument like the drums, but can’t for financial reasons.

A donation of $195 every six weeks affords a low-income student one half-hour lesson once a week, and helps to ensure that the student has an opportunity to either start a drum lesson program, or to continue with an existing one. Please help to sponsor our students who are less fortunate. Your donation and continued support helps students to meet a goal that was only dreamt about in the past. You would be fueling their life-long passion for musicianship with drive and ambition.

Click here to make a six week tuition payment to help sponsor a drum student. You can sponsor your student for as long as you wish or until the student discontinues the program. You will be notified if your student cancels the program for any reason. You also have the option to meet with the student you sponsor at any time and attend the bi-annual recitals.

In lieu of the Sponsorship program, you can instead make a one-time donation to the Drumming for Jared program via our GoFundMe campaign, which also helps to provide drum lessons to new or existing low-income students.

We are currently working on obtaining a 501(c)(3) nonprofit status for the Drumming for Jared Program. Your support in our sponsorship program will provide you with a tax deduction in the near future.

Thank you and please contact the studio if you need more information.

Why Music Education?

  • Improves academic skills.
  • Boosts self-esteem.
  • Cultivates creative thinking.
  • Encourages fewer scholastic dropouts.
  • Refines discipline and patience.
  • Develops physical skills.
  • Creates a sense of achievement.


You are a treasure and a big part of our family for all time! All of the recitals, music and great tunes are something we will always hold in our hearts and souls and minds with tremendous value. You are a wonderful, amazing teacher and helped Jesse on his path in so many ways! Many days he would come to drums with you, after a rough day, and just be walking on air afterwards. You taught him so much and added to our lives greatly, truly.
Stacy Foster

Larry Bennett is more than just a great drum teacher…he is a good friend. Often times he will call my house just to make sure that my daughter Ann understood her previous drum lesson. We are often times late to his school, yet Larry always takes the time to give Ann her full hour. We really appreciate that! Larry is just as much a blessing as he is talented.
Kate Galloway

Larry, I can't tell you how proud of her we are. She did so good and it was so incredible to see her go from knowing very little to playing by herself in front of all those people!! I am so happy we found you and I am so happy she likes to play the drums and has something to work hard for and feel proud of!! Just wanted you to know this! Thanks.
Carol Terrell

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